Welcome to Lake Carey!


This site is sponsored by the Lake Carey Welfare Association (LCWA).   For years we were known as the Lake Carey Cottagers Association but we reverted back to the original name to better reflect our purpose.

The LCWA was established by lake residents in 1938.   The purposes of the association then and now are to protect water quality, control commercial and residential development, promote safety, and undertake other activities for the general welfare of the area and its residents.

The association is composed of 150 to 170  individuals and families residing on and in the vicinity of Lake Carey.

We have won awards from the Pennsylvania Lake Management Society (PALMS) and the Countryside Conservancy for our stewardship of the lake.

What do we do?

  • Own and maintain the dam
  • Own and maintain the picnic pavilion at the dam site
  • Promote safe boating, swiming and use of our roads
  • Organize social events – most notably Lake Carey Day which is held on the last Saturday of July
  • Write and administer grants to meet the association’s goals of clean water, controlled development, public safety, and neighborliness
  • Represent the community to local and state government bodies (i.e. townships, county and state agencies, etc)
  • Publish a community newsletter and maintain this website for timely information distribution
  • Distribute informational literature pertaining to watershed issues affecting residents

What do you get?


  • Opportunities to contribute to your community to make a difference that benefits us all
  • Opportunities to participate and vote in association meetings
  • Free use of the picnic pavilion
  • Subscription to the newsletter
  • Benefits from successful grants – free trees, well water testing, education programs all have been offered in recent years
  • Cultural and recreational programs – presentations by experts on subjects such as bears, raptors, reptiles, local history, concerts and of course, Lake Carey Day!

Join the LCWA here: Membership Form – New and Renewal 

webmaster: David Rinehimer - dbrinehimer@gmail.com