What’s the SALDO – Know before you build


In March, 2016 Wyoming County passed the Subdivision And Land Development Ordinance or “SALDO”.   It differs from zoning in that it only governs land use – not building use or various districts such as commercial,  industrial, residential, etc. uses.

Its important for you to know before you plan on any new construction or expansion of your current home.

  • A lot needs to be 1 acre or larger to qualify for a new single family or two-family home.
  • It applies to new construction for existing homes (additions) on current lots as well as new subdivisions and new construction
  • Setbacks for new construction apply on new and existing lots.
  • the 1 acre minimum applies whether on-lot sewage disposal is used of or if central sewers are mandated or available.
  • One half acre lots are permitted where central sewers and a central water supply for the development are provided.

The above is just an overview.  The details are available in the link provided:   Wyoming County Saldo (pdf)



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