June 16, 2017 Minutes


Lake Carey Welfare Association

June 19, 2017 Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 11:00 by President, Ed Hetzel.


The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Ed.

As of August 30, 2016, the funds are as follows:

Checking:                          $13,456.53

Checking (Dam):             $12,820.30

Savings:                             $22,612.96

Total:                                  $48,889.89

There was a 240 donation to the dam fund this month.

There are 56 paid members this year and there were 97 paid members by the end of last year.  Forms are available on the web site for printing out to include with dues.


The minutes were read by the acting Secy. David Rinehimer and approved.


Old Business


Sewer Update (Ed Hetzel)


The June Sewer commission was cancelled due to no activity.  The commission is waiting for money from PennVest for design and the commission won’t hold meetings which cost money.  Once the money is released ($640,000+-) engineering and planning will commence.


DEP has approved the 537 plan which was published in the paper.


The Commission is still trying to acquire land for the processing plant on SR1001.



Dam Report

No  news on the Dam


Growing Greener:

The Islands are growing.  We applied for a grant to the Alum treatment to remediate the algae.  Discussion was held on the methods for applying it.  Bids from licensed contractors would be taken for the work once funds are released.  Both lakes would be included in the treatment.


Lake Carey Day: 

The preliminary schedule was laid out by Ed as follows:

Friday night – Bingo at the fire hall.   Attendees must be present when the game starts.

Saturday –

  • 5 and 10K.   6:30 to 8.   Ends by 10
  • Bake Sale will start at 8 am to take advantage of the runners.   Volunteers for baked goods are to contact Ed or Deb Tierney for participation.   Small bags of offerings are preferred to large plates.  All goods are welcome though
  • Canoe and Kayak races are scheduled at Holbrook Road.   Prizes will be awarded for the winners (at minimum).   Kathi and Dick Keefe have historically.   Extra t-shirts will be ordered
  • 10-2:  signup for the poker run.  David and Ivy Rinehimer will handle the poker run.  2-4.
  • Boat Tour – Walter will conduct.  Noon to 2
  • 4-7 is the Chicken Barbeque.  126 chickens will be ordered.
  • Sunday – Chapel Service 10:00
  • At Noon Poker Run and Raffle winners are announced at the Fire Hall.


No new events were suggested for the day.

Walter will assist with publicizing in the local papers


Garage Sale day will be Labor Day weekend.


Safety Committee

A suggestion to put up a sign at the junction of Shore Drive and Marina Drive cautioning walkers to stay to the left.   We will call for volunteers to paint that sign (which could be on the back of the LC Day sign and stay up all year or just for the season.


We also need a chair for the Safety Committee formerly chaired by June.  Volunteers will be appreciated.


New Business:


Results of the trivia contest were announced by Walter Broughton.

3rd Place Christine Wilsey

2nd place Martha Davis

1st Place is Jane Ireland


4th prize which was an autographed 8×10 glossy of Ed Hetzel could not be awarded due to limited participation.


A Discussion of the Milfoil weeds took place.   All are encouraged to pull the weeds out be the roots (which is the best method).   Webmaster will put a notice on Facebook and the Website.  A suggestion from Walter Broughton to organize a milfoil pull.


Questions on the sewers were raised regarding dates.   Real costs and dates will get hammered out after the detailed plan is released.   77/month is the monthy cost per residence targeted by Pennvest.   Questions on the residential pumps were discussed.


An official request was raised to Ed Hetzel on behalf of the association.   Since Ed is on the Sewer Commission we would like him to raise this to the commission for planning purposes.

  1.  The residents don’t want to have the digging for the sewers take place during the summer because of the seasonal nature of the residences.
  2. The digging for the sewer line around the lake and the house hookups should be the last work done.  Residents of Maple Lane and Hilltop Drive were highly inconvenienced over the summer and some left their homes due to the mess.   We want lessons learned from the Hilltop/Maple experience to be applied.
  3. From Hetty Baiz:  Because of the loss of trees from the tornado and the community effort to replant them over the years.   The sewer commission should replace any trees that are lost due to unavoidable circumstances.


Further discussions to explain the sewers took place.   We encourage residents to attend meetings and ask questions to learn about the issues.


The Wyoming County SALDO limits construction to only lots of 1 acre and greater.   This is true of grandfathered small lots as well.


There was also a reminder that even though sewers are not expected for another 3-4 year, we are still obligated to pump our septic systems on schedule.  This is important for our drinking water as well as for the lake water quality.


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:53 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

David Rinehimer, VP




Lake Carey Welfare Association, P O Box 637, Tunkhannock, PA 18657