The Bylaws


Constitution and By-Laws of the

Lake Carey Cottagers Association


As revised and amended June 11, 2006

I.       In a community composed largely of seasonal residents and without sufficient year-round population to warrant borough organization, some type of organization is needed to:

A.            Take all possible measures needed to keep waters clean, unpolluted, and free of debris for swimming, fishing, and boating.

B.           Assist in developing recreation enjoyment in the area while combating excessive commercialism and development.

C.           Promote safety on the roads and waters of the area.

D.           Undertake other activities for the general welfare of the area and its residents.

II.     To pursue the foregoing this incorporated Association, now named The Lake Carey Cottagers Association, Inc., has been formed.

A.            Members shall be freeholders or tenants of property within one mile of Lake Carey, PA, except tenancy may not be for less than one month annually.

B.           Officers shall be president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. They shall be members 25 years of age or over, except that the minimum age of the secretary may be 18.

C.           Funds required for the operation and activities of the Association shall be raised by annual dues plus fund raising as needed.

D.           Each individual member and each adult in a family holding membership is entitled to vote at association meetings.

E.           Motion to submit a proposed amendment to this constitution may be made by any member at any regular meeting, and if passed:

1.      The proposer shall give at once to the secretary one copy of the proposed amendment.

2.      Copies of the proposed amendment and a ballot shall be distributed to each voting member at the next regular meeting.

3.      Voting in person shall be by ballot unless members present determine otherwise.

4.      Vote on a proposed amendment shall be at the meeting following a successful motion to amend, unless a later date is fixed by vote at that meeting.

5.      A majority of members present is required to adopt a proposed amendment.

III.                  Proposals to change the dues can be made by the officers and passed by majority vote at the August meeting preceding the year in which they are to take effect.

A.      A list of paid-up members shall be held by the secretary and made available during the meeting.

IV.                All officers shall be elected every two years.

A.      Officers, with the exception of the secretary, shall be at least 25 years of age. The secretary shall be at least 18.

B.     All officers shall be members in good standing.

C.     In the event the president is unable to serve, s/he will be succeeded by the vice president. If the vice president should be vacant at such a time, then a member of the board of directors may be elected as acting president.

D.     The president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary may each succeed to his or her same office.

V.                  There shall be a board of directors to consist of the president, ex-officio, as chairman, the vice president, secretary, treasurer and no fewer than four or more than eight other members.

A.      The boards duties shall be:

1.      To advise the president and other officers.

2.      To act for the Association after the last meeting of each summer until the first meeting of the following year, and at other times according to direction of a majority of members. Directors should not independently commit the Association to total expenditures of more than $500.00 unless so ordered.

3.      Minutes shall be kept and a report made at regular meetings of the Association of actions taken by the Board in the interim.

B.     Directors shall be selected by the president and confirmed by a majority affirmative vote of those present and voting at the next regular meeting.

C.     Directors shall be appointed to terms of one year, two years, and three years eliminating one director each year to be replaced on the same basis.

VI.    All officers shall serve without remuneration.

VII.  Meetings shall be held regularly from May through September as scheduled by the directors. Members shall be notified of meeting dates by May 1 of each year.

A.      Special meetings may be called by the president or by a majority of the directors via letter or card to members.

B.     Meetings will be held at the Dam Site or other convenient place.

C.     Meetings shall be adjourned after 1.5 hours unless otherwise voted at the meeting.In case of adjournment, all unfinished business is automatically tabled.

D.     A quorum will consist of 10 members in good standing.

VIII.    Election of officers shall be held at the August meeting every second year.

A.      The president shall appoint a nominating committee of three members at the July meeting election year.

B.     Nominations may be made from the floor at the election meeting.

C.     Unless a motion is carried to make the vote for the list of candidates unanimous, voting shall be by secret ballot passed out only to paid members in good standing.

D.     Before ballots are cast, the president shall appoint two tellers.

E.     Any member may request one recount, with the tally to be made by three new tellers appointed by the president.

F.      Election shall be by a plurality.

IX.    Formation of committees:

A.      An auditing committee shall consist of three members including a chairman appointed by the president. The committee will:

1.      Examine the financial transactions of the Association in time to report at the first meeting each year.

2.      Establish expense and income budgets for acceptance by the Association membership.

3.      Advise the officers and/or directors on financial policy.

B.     Standing committee shall be formed and the appointees notified prior to November 15 in the calendar year preceding the year in which they are to serve. Association members shall be notified of standing committee membership at the first regular meeting.

1.      If there is no standing committee to cover a particular need of the organization, the president shall appoint a committee for the tenure of that need.

X.   All dues and other income shall be received by the treasurer and recorded.

A.      The treasurer shall deposit all funds in a local bank. All checks shall be issued by the treasurer and countersigned by the president and vice president, if necessary.

XI.  The officers duties shall be, but not confined to:

A.      The president, as chief executive officer, shall:

1.      Preside at meetings. S/he may, for reason, request a member to preside.

2.      Act as chairman of the board of directors.

3.      Submit, at the first regular meeting each year, a report reviewing the previous year, covering current policy and plans in operation or for consideration.

4.      Arrange for budget preparation and submission at the first meeting.

5.      Appoint committees, name committee chairman, and call for committee meetings as s/he deems necessary.

6.      Act as an ex-officio member of all committees.

7.      Call upon individual members to perform specific tasks.

B.     The vice president shall have all the duties and powers of the president should he be called upon to act in place of the president by virtue of circumstances previously stated. As the second executive officer, s/he shall:

1.      Countersign checks under conditions previously stated.

2.      Participate in all policy discussions.

3.      Participate in planning and budget preparations.

4.      Perform such other tasks as the president may assign.

C.     The secretary shall:

1.      Keep minutes of all association and board meetings and promptly prepare these for the record, with a copy for the president and vice president if so requested.

2.      Keep a file of minutes, correspondence, and bulletins.

3.      Purchase supplies and stamps up to a value of $150.00 in any one year if necessary. The association may approve a higher limit in any given year.

4.      Rent, at the associations expense, a safe deposit box in a local bank in which to keep permanent records of the association such as deeds, articles of incorporation, etc. Operating expenses shall be retained for seven years.

D.     The treasurer shall, in addition to the duties defined earlier, pay all bills upon authorization, aid in preparation of the budget and provide at each meeting an accounting of monies disbursed and received, and bills outstanding. S/he will also

1.      Mail notice of dues by April 1 of the current year and at the request of the president or vice president mail second notices to delinquents.

2.      Upon request, s/he will detail the financial status of the Association for the officers or board of directors.

XII.   Association meetings shall be:

A.      Conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order. The presiding officer may alter the order of business.

B.     Motions to extend the length of a meeting past the stipulated one and one half hours may be limited to consideration of a specific item or for another specified length of time or until all business has been completed.

1.      The presiding officer may limit an individuals floor time to a period of five minutes. The treasurer will serve as time keeper.

XIII.   These by-laws may be amended by a majority vote of members present and voting at a regular meeting.

Lake Carey Welfare Association, P O Box 637, Tunkhannock, PA 18657