July 8th, 2018 Minutes


Lake Carey Welfare Association

July 8, 2018

President, Ed Hetzel called meeting to order at 11:00 a.m. There were 36 in attendance.

Minutes from June 2018 meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Deb Tierney:

Checking:           $15,705.52

Dam Checking      $2,054.48

Savings               $22,669.39

Total                   $48,613.10


Paid Memberships:

There are 66 paid members to date. This includes 16 new members.

Old Business

Lake Carey Day is scheduled for Saturday, July 28, 2018. Details and logistics of LCD activities were discussed and finalized. Walter Broughton will create a flyer to be distributed around the lake. Flyer will also be posted on the LCWA website (lakecareypa.com) and on Facebook. Meeting minutes are also available on these sites. (LCD flyer is attached.)

Sewer Update:  Ed Hetzel reported that a second mailing concerning placement of the grinder pumps is going out soon. If you have not already done so, please complete the forms and return them.

Ed clarified that lots with existing trailers or campers, which have power, must hook into the sewer system. Uninhabitable homes, without power, will not be forced to hook-up.

The proposed construction schedule was again reviewed.

  • Construction will begin in May of 2019.
  • Completion of the sewer installation is scheduled for May 2020.
  • Costs associated with electricity and plumbing from the house to the grinder is the responsibility of the homeowner.
  • Homeowners may hire their own contractors for this portion of the project. A list of contractors will be available.
  • Costs from grinder to sewer line (up to 50 feet) are included in initial sewer fees. Ed is working on having that distance extended to 100 feet.
  • Hookup to the sewer line is mandatory. Low income grants may be available to homeowners who meet income guidelines.
  • Fees are anticipated to be $3,000 for hook-up and $75 a month.

Ed further explained that the sewer lines around the lake will be approximately three to four inches in diameter. The lines on individual properties will be one and one half inch in diameter. The grinder pump system is six feet tall by 30 inches in diameter, will be buried in the ground and the lid will need to be exposed just about the ground. The Sewer Authority will own the grinders and be responsible for normal repairs and/or replacements. The Authority will also repair any damage to property created during the installation process. As each home’s grinder is completed, it will be activated.

A question was asked concerning the determination of what is considered an affordable cost. At previous meetings of both townships, pledges were made that the sewer project would only go forward if fees were “affordable.” Ed replied that affordability will be determined by the most recent census records of full time area residents.


A Weed Pull Day was held in June and some progress was made. Ed is awaiting information concerning a successful weed abatement project used in Sweet Valley. They used some sort of bricks that eat weeds and reduce muck.

Growing Greener

Ed measured the lakes for clarity on July 4. The large lake showed visibility to two meters which is typical for the lake. The pond measured just over one meter which is nearly double its historical levels.  Ed cautioned that greater visibility means that the sun can penetrate further and encourages weed growth.

Hetty Baiz encouraged members to invite their neighbors to join the Association, attend meetings and take more responsibility for maintain our beautiful community resources, such as the dam.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:58 a.m.

The next meeting will be on August 12, 2018 at 11:00 a.m.

Submitted by Gladys Bernet, secretary

Lake Carey Welfare Association, P O Box 637, Tunkhannock, PA 18657