May 19, 2019 Minutes


Lake Carey Welfare Association Meeting

May 19, 2019

President Ed Hetzel called the meeting to order at 11:00am.

The minutes from September 2018 meeting were read and approved after making two corrections. Both were typing errors.

Deb Tierney presented the Treasurers Report.
Checking Account (general) $4,448.42
Checking Account (dam) $1,278.62
Savings (dam) $34,706.48
Total $40,433.52

Money was moved from the checking account to the Dam account due to gaining more interest there. Kathy Keefe questioned the Penelec bill. It is mostly for taxes and fees not actual usage.

Old Business

Sewers: The final estimate for the total sewer system should be completed by August with funding available by October 2019. The Association can accept the offer or wait another quarter if the funding is not acceptable. This amount will determine the user fee. The grant may be about 15%. The homeowners fee would be about $160.00 per month. We need to lower this fee.

The land has been purchased from Bernie Banks. Seven acres cost $40,000. Hetty Baiz asked if it is a good idea to have the sewer line go in a flood zone and Ed said that is not a problem. The estimate for the whole project came back much higher than originally thought. The Sewer Authority is looking at ways to cut the costs. The first 50 feet of the homeowners hook up cost will be covered, anything over 50 feet is the homeowners responsibility. The project could start this winter with homeowner hook up by May 2020. A question was raised what if the cost is not affordable to most homeowners. DEP says we need the system no matter what the cost. Ivy Rinehimer asked if there would be help for people on fixed incomes or very low incomes. The answer was yes there will be some help for those homeowners. We are hoping to get the monthly fee down to about $75 or $80.
Tunkhannock and Lemon Townships have both spend about $125,000 each so far. They will be reimbursed once the funding is approved. At this time we do not know who the contractor will be. The total cost is about 12 million dollars. A question was asked if there is an advocate for the homeowners. There is not at this time but we need to begin looking for a politician who can advocate for the homeowners.

Weeds: Ed reported that there are safe algaecides. A few homeowners have received permits to treat the area in front of their docks. Two acres is $1300.00 and one acre is $700.00. This cost would not be affordable for the whole lake.

Dam: The Emergency Action Plan has been completed and sent to the state. We are waiting for a reply. A 501-c3 has been applied for on behalf of the Lake Carey Dam Foundation. The state has replied but not the IRS. No fund raising can be done until the 501-c3 status is approved. Some discussion was had regarding the difference between 501-c3 and 501-c4. If a person donates money to a 501-c4 then they cannot get a tax benefit. That is why the 501-c3 status is needed. The Lake Carey Dam Foundation is made up of representatives from the LCWA as well as other homeowners from the lake. They are Ed Hetzel, Dave Rinehimer, Deb Tierney, Pete Butler, Bill Ruark, Scott Brown and Walter Broughton. The cost to fix the dam is not yet available as the plan has not been approved.

Growing Greener: The big lake will be treated with ALUM pellets. The benefits should last between 3 to 5 years. There will be a meeting to discuss this on May 26, 2019 at 11:00 am at the Firehouse. A question was asked if this could be done in the small lake also. The small lake is too shallow for this to be effective. By treating the large lake eventually it will also help the small lake. Another question was asked if treating the Milfoil and using the ALUM was okay to be done together. Ed reported this is not a problem.

New Business

Deb Tierney stated she wants to have an Audit done for the past three years. Nancy Davidson and Mark Catalano have volunteered to be on the audit Committee. David Rinehimer will represent the officers of the association.

Lake Carey Day: The dates are July 26-28, 2019. Deb asked permission to cooperate with the Lake Carey Sportsman Club (LCSC) to hold a meet your neighbor night at their facility on Friday night. Also LCSC is holding a BB gun shot for kids on Saturday afternoon. Deb would also like to bring in the Delaware Valley Raptors Club for an evening program on Saturday at the Chapel. The cost a few years ago was $300.00.

Other activities: The Fish and Boat Commission could present a program on bears in our area.
The Fish and Boat Commission should come to an association meeting to discuss
boating rules.
Musical Programs at the Dam Site.
Contact a Boy Scout troop to clean up the edges of the road around the lake.

Patty Skrynski was approved as the new Secretary after Gladys Bernet resigned over the winter.

Mary Bishop asked what Police cover the lake. The Tunkhannock Township Police cover the Tunkhannock Township part of the lake and the State Police cover the Lemon Township part of the lake.

The meeting dates in the Newsletter are incorrect. Mays meeting is the Sunday after Mother’s Day, June, July and August is the second Sunday of the month and Septembers meeting is the Sunday of Labor Day weekend.

There were 21 association members at the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 12pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Patty Skrynski, Secretary

Lake Carey Welfare Association, P O Box 637, Tunkhannock, PA 18657