July 14, 2019 Minutes


Lake Carey Welfare Association Meeting


July 14, 2019


President Ed Hetzel called the meeting to order at 11:00am.


The minutes from the June meeting were read and approved with one correc tion.  Deb Tierney added the comment that Ken Price, the raffle winner, donated his winnings back to the association.


Deb Tierney presented the Treasurer”s report.

General checking account    $6,089.85

Dam checking account         $1922.62

Dam savings account          $34,223.75

Total                                     $42,236.22


There are currently 63  paid members with 7 new members.  The Audit was complete.  The only difficulty is when a check is paid out, the receiving party is not caashing or depositing them on a timely basis.  The Audit needs to be completed every year.  The next committee is Mark Catalano, David Rinehimer and Lynn Bierly.


Old Business


Sewers:  Working on the connection coordinates.  Some discussion about what to do with trailers campers etc.  If someone is living there they need to be included in the sewer  hook-up.  We will have the final cost in August.  A question was asked if there will be a list of approved contractors to do the hook-up work and Ed answered yes there will be.  You will need a 220 volt 30 amp hook-up for your electricity to run the system.  You will need at least a one acre lot for all new building.


Weed control:  Ed has brochures from the company.


Dam:  Still waiting on the 501c3 approval.  Pete Butler went to the attorney’s office and waited for her.  We need to contact our politicians to find out what the hold-up is.


Growing Greener:  Pellets have not gone into the lake yet.


Lake Carey Day:    A flyer with the schedule of events will be placed at all homes around the lake  as well as in the newspaper.  If you are distributing flyers  DO NOT PUT THEM IN MAILBOXES!  Our signs for around the lake were stolen last year.  New ones have been ordreed at a cost of $7.00 per sign from Keystone Caps.


Summer Programs:  Saturday August 17, 2019 there will be a Presentation about Black Bears at 7:00pm at the Chapel.  Walter is looking into a musical presentation as well.


Committes:  Volunteers are needed for the nominating and safety committes.


A Boy Scout will be cleaning up the old machine parts at the dam site to preserve the historical value.


New Business


A question was asked how many of the 43 reserved connections are over one acre.  This will be looked into.  New building must be on one acre or more.


Motion was made to adjourn the meeting.  The raffle winner was Liz Russell, she donated her winnings back to the association.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:45am followed by a presentation from Officer David Raulfs a Water Conservation officer from the PA Fish and Game Commission.


Respectfully submitted,


Patty Skrynski, Secretary

Lake Carey Welfare Association, P O Box 637, Tunkhannock, PA 18657