June 9, 2019 Minutes


Lake Carey Welfare Association Meeting


June 9, 2019


President Ed Hetzel called the meeting to order at 11:05am.


The minutes from the May 2019 meeting were read and approved as written.


Deb Tierney presented the treasurer’s report.

General checking account  $5,836.95

Dam checking account       $1,278.62

Dam Savings account         $34,706.48

Total                                    $41,822.05


There are currently 44 paid members to date with 4 new mwmbers.  A question was asked when is the

membership due.  The membership runs from May 1 to May 1.


Old Business


Sewers:  We should have the final cost by August 2019.  We expect to hear from Penn Vest in October 2019.  At that time the Sewer Authority can accept the amount or wait another quarter if the amount is not satisfactory.  President Ed Hetzel stressed that we need public pressence at the Sewer Authority meetings.  They are held on the first Thursday of every month at the Tunkhannock Township Building.  Except the July meeting will be held on the following Thursday due to the 4th of July.  If the financing is awarded and accepted we can expect to begin work in the fall of 2020 with hook up possibly in the spring of 2021.  There are currently 43 resereved connections to vacant lots.  There was some discussion about the size of the lots half an acre or one acre.  The lots need to be at least one acre, unless there is a public water supply.  Also four homeowners on Billings Mill Road have signed on to be hooked up. The more homes that hook up reduces the annual cost.  A questiion was asked about seasonal usuage.  There will be not seasonal turning off and on.  You must pay for the whole year even if not using.


Weeds:  The algicide is working.  There was much discussion regarding the cost and permits needed.  The more you buy the lower the cost.  Multiple homeowners can use the same permit.  Fifty pounds will cover one half an acre at a cost of $344.00.  The algicide you need is 2,4-D.  The best time to apply this is spring or early summer.  Aquacide Company is the one used so far.  You can use other companies as long as they are approved by DEP.  An informational flyer will be made available for Lake Carey Day.


Dam:  Still waiting on the status of the 501C3 application.


Growing Greener:  The meeting at the firehouse last month was well attended.  The ALUM pelletts should go into the lake next week.


Audit:  The audit has been scheduled for June 26, 2019.


New Business:  Cindy Brown reported that she has someones dock that was floating in the lake at her cottage tied to her dock.  If you know who may be missing a dock contact Cindy at the CareyOn cottage on the big lake.


Lake Carey Day:  July 26-28, 2019


The Lake Carey Fire Company will provide the Chicken BBQ.  Hettie Baiz suggested getting the chickens from the Clodhopper Farm in Springville.  This decision needs to be made by the fire company.  There was some discussion regarding the Kayak /Canoe race.  Only 6-8 people participated the time was changed but participation did not improve. Not everyone entering the race will get a t-shirt this year only the winners.  The early morning 5K-10K race will be held.  There will be a baked goods sale after the race.  The boat tours maybe held if we can find a pontoon boat and driver.  The Poker Run will also be held.  However another dock is needed.  There will be Lake Carey apparal for sale.  On Friday night a Wine Tasting event will be held at the Lake Carey Sportsman Club.  The cost is $20.00 per person to taste a variety of local wines.  Deb Tierney will be meeting with the LCSC next week.  The Delaware Valley Raptors no longer travel to do demonstrations.  Deb Tierney will reach out to another outfit in the Pocono’s and to the Fish and Game Commission to do a presentation on bears on Saturday evening.  The status of the paddle boat races for kids is unknown.  Deb Tierney will reach out to last years organizers and see if they are interested in doing them this year.  There will not be illuminaries this year as we received some negative feedback.


Ed Hetzel aasked if anyone had other ideas for summer programs or activities and there was no response.


Roadside clean-up is being done by a few lake residents in particular Chris Benjamin.  Others have tried but there was no debris to be cleaaned.


Committes:  There is a need for a Safety Committee.  The Fish Commission will be at the July meeting to discuss boating rules.  We need volunteers for the nominating committee.


Deb Tierney is looking into getting volunteers to sand and paint the tables and benches at the dam site.


There was some discussion regarding the floating islands in the small lake.  One resident pulled one out because it was a hazard to snakes and ducks.  All of the islands have moved.  Ed Hetzel stated he would fix them.  The fencing in them can be removed and yes they are working to improve the clarity of the water.


The next meetings are;  July 14, August 11 and September 1, 2019.


A motion was made and seconed to adjourn the meeting at noon.


There were 27 people in attendance and Ken Price won the 50/50 raffle for a total of $17.00.  Ken donated his winnings back to the Association!


Respectfully submitted,


Patty Skrynski, Secretary

Lake Carey Welfare Association, P O Box 637, Tunkhannock, PA 18657