June 14, 2020 Minutes


Lake Carey Welfare Association

June 14, 2020

President David Rinehimer called the meeting to order.

The minutes were read and approved.

The┬átreasurer’s report was given by Deb Tierney.

General checking account – $11,322.00
Dam checking account – $1,000.00
Dam savings account – $0
Total – $12,322.00

Old Business
Growing Greener
The large lake will be treated with copper sulfate and then alum. This should stop the algae bloom. The
water condition this spring was most likely caused by the mild winter. This is evident in many lakes in
NEPA. A question was asked if the copper sulfate is a hazardous chemical. It will not hurt the wildlife in
the lake. Another question was asked regarding the small lake could it be treated too? The small lake is
too muddy for the treatment to be successful. Some of the floating islands have moved in the small lake.
Individuals may move them back and secure them.

DEP has some questions. We need to pay the $1500.00 Dam registration fee. This should come out of
the LCWA account not the Dam Fund.
There is a new gmail account for association business. The address is lcwa637@gmail.com. The
treasurer will monitor this account with the password given to all the officers.

New Business
What to do about Lake Carey Day?
No large gatherings right now
Sell merchandise on line
Hold a 50/50
LCSC is still holding their wine and appetizer night
Hold a boat parade decorate or not
Decorate your dock
Expand the kayak race, can’t do this due to large crowds
Make a Lake Carey calendar with pictures of the lake for the year 2021
Make face mask with LCWA on it for sale
It was decided that selling merchandize on line and a boat parade would still be held on the last Saturday
in July.

There was much discussion about how to get the word out to all residents regarding the Association. A
flyer will be made and hand distributed to all homes. Not in the mailboxes! Five members volunteered
to help distribute the flyer.

Can the kiosk be used to display information? Yes, but it needs to be rebuilt.
The membership voted to use up to $500.00 for a new kiosk. We will also include the website on the
Lake Carey signs at the entrances to the lake.

The association will have signs made and sell them that tell people to drive slowly, walk opposite the
traffic and ride with the traffic. Residents can put them in their yards.

Sewer Update
The bid came in lower than expected. Hookup should not be for at least a year. Construction should
begin soon. Some businesses want to hookup to the system and this will keep costs down for residents.

There was a motion to adjorn and seconded.
Respectfully submitted,
Patty Skrynski, Secretary

Lake Carey Welfare Association, P O Box 637, Tunkhannock, PA 18657