August 9, 2020 Minutes


Lake Carey Welfare Association

  August 9, 2020

President David Rinehimer called the meeting to order.  He stated that the meeting will also be streamed live for anyone not wanting to attend in person.  The secretary read the minutes from the July meeting.  There was one correction made by Ed Hetzel.  The association choose not to use cooper sulfate in the lake.  Ginny Tinner made a motion to accept the minutes seconded by Ed Hetzel.

Deb Tierney gave the treasurer’s report.

Checking account – $4218.10

Dam Checking account – $1000.00

Total – $5218.10


There are 73 paid members with an additional 9 members paid on line.  A question was asked if we should use the email account for a reminder to pay your dues.  Yes we will.  Another question was asked about taxes.  We are only paying school taxes on the property and not real estate taxes.

Old Business


The Penn Vest loan will be finalized on October 15, 2020.  Then construction can begin.  The monthy fee for homeowners has been set at $87.43.  The 20 homeowners that have refused to sign will be served notice by the sheriff on Monday, August 10, 2020.  Notices will be put on the website as to when and where construction is happening.  There is also a link on the website to the Sewer Authority.


We are looking for volunteers to rebuild the kiosk.

The Boy Scout project involving the old machine parts from the mill is moving along.  They are about ready to pour the concrete.


Growing Greener

The alum was put into the big lake this past week.  It settles to the bottom inhibiting new growth.  This should last 3-5 years and was totally funded by Growing Greener.  A question was asked about the safety. The state mandates the amount you can use.  This does not affect fish or wildlife and is safe to swim in.  This will also help with the green color the lake usually gets in late summer and early September.


The association does not qualify for any Covid relief funding.  You have to be a 501C3 or 501C9 to qualify.

Lake Carey Day

There were 106 on line orders for merchandise.  So far, we have made $1000.00 profit and anything sold now is all profit, unless we order more merchandise.  The store will remain open until Thanksgiving.  There is a pay-pal fee of 2.9% on each item and then shipping.  Dr. Stone has spoken with Judy Meade about selling the merchandise at her store in Tunkhannock and she has agreed to allow that.

There are two merchandise signs left.  One will be put on the corner of Shore Drive and Marina Drive at the first entrance to the lake and the other one will be put at Franks Marina after we get his permission.

A question was asked if we could go back to being a 401C3.  We would need to show a loss in revenue.  This is also a complicated legal matter.

The association pays the fees for the dam.  We do not want to change ownership of the dam.

The association sends a big thank you to Wendy for organizing the boat parade and to Lewis for opening the on line store.

Margarite asked about the signs for traffic control around the lake.  The machine that makes them has broken down.  If we cannot get them soon, we may need to change to another provider.

There are two new ideas for events for next year.  Deb Switzer suggested a treasure hunt.  We would charge a registration fee and then you would be given the list of items to find.  Prizes would be awarded to the winners.  You could also have a new theme each year.  This will be discussed at the June meeting.  Also Dick Daniels has volunteered his property for a craft show.  We need to look into the liability for this with our insurance company.

Deb Switzer is concerned about the small lake and was wondering if it was possible to dredge the lake at the same time the dam is repaired.   The cost could be prohibitive.  Could Growing Greener cover the cost?  Ed will look into this.  We need to get more information over the winter.  Ed Hetzel and Walter Broughton are very knowledgeable about Growing Greener.

A motion was made by John Fassett and seconded by Ginner Tinner to adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Patty Skrynski, Secretary

Lake Carey Welfare Association, P O Box 637, Tunkhannock, PA 18657