July 12, 2020 Minutes


                                                            Lake Carey Welfare Association

                                                                        July 12, 2020


President David Rinehimer called the meeting to order.  Deb Tierney read the minutes from the June meeting.  There was one correction to the minutes.  The Lake Carey Sportsman Club canceled their Wine and Appetizer event.  They may hold it in November.  Deb Tierney read the treasurer’s report.

Checking account – $4218.10

Dam checking account – $1000.00

Total – $5218.10


Old Business


Construction could start in a month depends on Penelec.  Eighteen to twenty properties have not signed the easement.  Some people are selling their houses and others are adament that they will not sign.  A question was asked as to where construction will begin.  Most likely down by the river and will take about 12 months to complete.

Growing Greener

The cost to treat the big lake with alum was too much, about $6500.00.  The association choose to not use cooper sulfate.

Lake Carey Day

The boat parade flyer will be posted on the website.  It starts at 3 pm, going slow around the lake, please clap and hoot!

The online store is open for apparel.  Lewis will keep the items at his house.  Finan Detail made all the items.  The mask is blue with a white boat emblem.  There are many items to choose from.  Ed Hetzel made a motion to approve spending extra money to get more items.  $4,000.00 was approved and seconded by Margarete.  Everyone was in favor.  A question was asked if we could have a table at the fire house.  The table will be set up at the Dam Site.  David Rinehimer proposes a certain amount of time is needed to purchase extra items.  They will be available for Labor Day and the holidays.

Pe0ple are complaining about the geese.  The Fish and Game Commission says you cannot hurt them.  You can put wire, string reflector or another type of barrier across your lake access to prevent them from coming ashore.  Do not feed the geese.  Someone killed or hurt geese on the lake on Saturday June 11, 2020.  The Fish and Game Commission came out.  We need to get a sign and put it at Franks Marina, stating do not feed the geese.

David is addressing the issues with the floating islands.  Someone is cutting them loose.  We need better anchors maybe a stainless-steel chain. Scott tried to get one island out of lily pads but it floated back in.  If this happens just leave them where they are.

New Business

A question was asked if the Dam Fund is non profit.  Yes, it is being set up that way.  All the paperwork is being worked on.

Any news on the dam?  The approval for the design is being worked on.

When using the online store just look for the directions on the website.  Will the web page be changed? No, the cost is $800.00 to $1,000.00 to change the look.

There were 42 people in attendance for the meeting.  A motion was made to adjorn the meeting by John Fassett and Alan Thatcher seconded.

Respectfully submitted,

Patty Skrynski, Secretary

Lake Carey Welfare Association, P O Box 637, Tunkhannock, PA 18657