June 13,2021 Minutes


Lake Carey Welfare Association  Meeting

June 13, 2021

President David Rinehimer called the meeting to order.  Patty Skrynski read the minutes.  There was one correction.  Bill Ruark is donating something for the raffle but not necessarily a golf package.  The minutes were approved.

Deb Tierney gave the Treasurers Report.

Checking account – $9009.19

Dam checking – $5.00

Total – $9014.19

Two bills paid – Deb Tierney $31.18  for mice deterrent and stamps

Lewis Flinn  $63.50 for a fee for the online store

There are 75 paid memberships to date.  Deb asked for volunteers to do an audit of the books after June 30, 2021.

 Old Businesses

Dam – Ed Hetzel reported that there is not much new with the Dam.  Plans have been submitted to DEP, just waiting to hear back from them.  A question was raised about the dam being condemned.  The dam has not been condemned, DEP is requesting we build a new one that is up to code.  To put in the new dam the big lake will need to be damed at the causeway or we could just dam the front of the old dam.  If the small lake is damned then maybe we could dredge the lake and sell the soil to the farmers to make some money.  Most likely the Army Core of Engineers will need to approve any dredgeing.  Someone asked why can’t taxes be raised to build a new dam.  The Association owns the dam it is not state or county owned.  There are aproximatley 385 homes around the lake.  If each household paid $714.00 over three years we could have $250,000.  What about weekend and recreational boaters that are not property owners?  Tony Wisnoski, who owns Franks Marina, charges to launch boats, maybe he would be willing to donate some to the dam fund.  All donations are tax dedectible.  Grants are being looked into, but we will continue with fundraising.

 Sewers – They are working on the side roads still.  There is no permit from PennDot yet for Shore Drive.  The Sewer Authority  is working on finalizing the rules for who pays what regarding out buildings.  If there is no running water than you pay nothing.

 Growing Greener – Algae blooms should be reduced but we underestimated The amount of chemical needed.  The water is being tested but not for bacteria.

 Lake Carey Day – Starts at 9am at the Fire House, limited bake sale, basket raffle is coming along.  The Sportsman Club will hold a BB gun shot for kids, no cost.  The Arts and Music festival at Doug and Lewis’s barn is moving along all the vendor slots have been filled.

Wendy White is willing to head up a boat parade, just need a time.

Deb Switzer will head up a Walk n Find event.  There will be a list of thirty items to find around the lake.  Cost is $15.00 for an individual or up to a family of five.  The event will run from 7am until noon.  Cash prizes will be awarded.  There was some discussion regarding an app to certify what you find.  Only the entries that find the most need to be documented.

The association has agreed to pay for 100 meals at the Firemans Chicken BBQ if they do not all sell.

Deb Tierney asked for volunteers to help on Lake Carey Day.

New Business

A concern was brought up about the beavers chewing down trees and making a mess of the dam.  One suggestion was to wrap wire around your trees.  Nusance beavers can be trapped by a licensed trapper at a cost of about $90.00 per day.

Gene Skrynski of Eager Beaver Yard Services has volunteered to use his time and materials for sprucing up the entrance to the Dam Site.  He only wants to be able to put a company sign on the project.  Membership voted and it was approved.

Mark you calendars for June 13, 2022 for the first Annual Golf Tournament at Stonehedge.  Also there will be a jar at the meetings for loose change called Dam Change.  A suggestion was made to put donations jars at local businesses.

The raffle was won by Jane Chambers and she gave a donation back to the dam fund.

Meeting ajourned.

Respectfully submitteed,

Patty Skrynski, Secretary

Lake Carey Welfare Association, P O Box 637, Tunkhannock, PA 18657