May, 2013


LakeCarey Welfare Association Meeting – May 19, 2013

Association President John Tidball called the meeting to order at 11:07.   16 members in attendance

The minutes of the September 9,  2012 meeting were read and approved

Treasurers report:  Lou Bierly

Checking                 $4,194.25

Savings                  $22,175.**

Dam fund            $20,000.00

            75.00 donation over the winter



Newsletter update:   Lou Bierly

Hardcopies of newsletter in lieu of electronic version sent out to reach resident population to promote new membership.   Included a survey regarding the residents’ views on centralized sewers as planned by townships.   Sent week of 5/13 and good return rate has been observed.

Dam Report: Ed Hetzel

DEP inspection noted a small tree or two to be cut but no other deficiencies noted.

Dr. Givler’s inspection – State is requiring higher standards to require hardening of the overflow part of the dam to protect against erosion during overtopping.   Ed Hetzel noted that the only overtopping reported had sandbag protection and no erosion occurred.    Ed will strategize with Dr. Givler on approach to the hardening.

Safety Committee:  John Tidball

Penndot rebuilt storm drains on the roads around the lakes in preparation for resurfacing scheduled for this summer.

It was noted in discussion that a high police presence from State and Township police around the lake.

Growing Greener:  Ed Hetzel

A new 111,000+ grant was approved by DEP.    DEP conducted before and after tests to measure phosphorus runoff with the existing basins and was impressed with the effectiveness demonstrated by the first implementation.

The new grant will 1) fund the addition of 2 new basins, 2) fund a study to seal the lake bottom of both lakes and 3) fund a Watershed Plan to identify sources of pollution entering the lake.

John Tidball and the membership expressed thanks to Ed and former President Walter Broughton for the successful work on the GG projects

ACT 537 Plan:  John Tidball

Townships released their Act 537 Plan which calls for central sewers in October of 2012.  Written comments from the public were included in the plan if received at township offices by registered mail by 11/19/12 deadline.

63 Comments were received and the overwhelming majority of them were negative regarding the current township plan concerning LakeCarey.   A few letters were neutral or concerned with non-Lake issues and 5 or 6 letters in favor of Lake sewers were included in the plan.   One of those letters was received a week late but included anyway.    All letters are available for review as they are part of the public record.

LCWA retained Princeton Hydro (PH) to author a response to the plan and John Miller of PH met personally with DEP to explain that the needs assessment was not improved from the previous submission and there was insufficient assessment of other alternatives and some were not considered at all.

DEP has not yet responded to the townships with a decision on the Act 537.

Township Report:  Trish and Alan Thatcher, Association reps

Trish reported that at the LemonTownship meeting where the 537 plan was presented in October 2012, consultant Harley Davis made it clear that the 537 study did not refer to lake water quality at all.  She said Mr. Davis reported that the sole justification for the central sewer need is that many lots do not have sufficient separation between the well and septic field.

Trish has observed that the Townships are spending approximately $10,000.00 per month on the consultant and engineers on the 537 plan, and that those expenditures have continued after the plan was submitted to DEP.  She indicated that TunkhannockTownship has expressed an interest in re-examining a joint zoning ordinance with LemonTownship, but that LemonTownship has made it clear that they are not interested in paying a consultant to look at the issue because of financial constraints.

It was noted that there are Supervisors running for re-election in both Lemon and TunkhannockTownships who are currently unopposed.  An effort to register lake residents to vote in WyomingCounty should be made this summer in order to have some influence on local elections.

Adjournment:  A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by John Fassett, seconded be Ed Hetzel and passed unanimously at 12:07


Respectfully Submitted,

David Rinehimer, Vice President, Acting Secretary

Lake Carey Welfare Association, P O Box 637, Tunkhannock, PA 18657