July, 2013


Lake Carey Welfare Association Meeting, July 14, 2013

Vice President, David Rinehimer called the meeting to order at 11:08.  Twenty-two people attended.  He announced that the DEP report with maps and letters were available on the back table and would remain after the meeting for a half hour.

The minutes of the June 9th meeting were read by Ginny Tinner.  John Fasset made a motion to approve, seconded by Sally Skinner Sandford.  The minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Lou Bierly

Checking     $ 7,162.33

Savings         22,285.90

Dam Fund    20,075.00

$ 49,523.23

Lou announced that we have 99 members, 21 being new memberships.  This is an improvement over last year at this time.  There are still 29 long-time members that have not sent their dues in yet.  Lou didn’t feel it was necessary to send an “Oops!” card to them at this time.  Ed Hetzel made a motion to accept the report, seconded by Deb Tierney.  The treasurer’s report was approved.

 Old Business

David announced that DEP asked for a two month extension before making a decision about the 537 plan.  The decision should be announced by August 31.

David reminded everyone of the meeting dates, pointing out that the September meeting would be the Sunday of Labor Day weekend.  All meeting dates can be found on the website, www.lakecareypa.com.

Ed Hetzel announced the results of the Secchi Disk tests of July 4, 2013.  The big lake had a visibility depth of 2.5 meters.  The Flow Pond was at 0.9 meters.  Both were better than previous years.  If you want to see how Lake Carey compares nationwide, results can be checked on www.secchidipin.org.   Ed asked if the association wanted to pay for bacteria tests.  Sally Willoughby made a motion to do three tests in the usual places that have been tested in the past.  David Rinehimer seconded it.  The motion passed.

Lake Carey Day Report

Lou Bierly reported the following events and those in charge:

Paddle boat races – Jim and Karen Skinner

Canoe and kayak races – Kathy Keefe

Poker Run – Pat Bernet

Clothing sales – Barbie Fasset

Publicity – Betsy Green

He asked for volunteers to handle the sale of other Lake Carey memorabilia. Cindy Brown, Margo Foltz, and Pam Dewitt said they would handle the sales at the fire house from 11:00-2:00.

Rather than the raffle of donated items, we will have a 50/50 drawing at $5/ticket.  Tickets need to be sold at the Lake Carey Inn Thursday and Friday evenings and at the fire house on Saturday from 11:00-2:00.  Paul Brown volunteered to sell at the fire house.  Ginny Tinner volunteered to sell some at Bingo Friday night.

A blue grass band will be entertaining at the fire house Saturday night, BYOB.

The Lake Carey Inn is buying 50 T-shirts, and will also be willing to sell any merchandise we have left over.  They are also hosting a free lunch on Saturday from 12:00–3:00.

The fire house is having their chicken barbeque on Saturday.  Tickets may be purchased from 11:00-2:00.

 New Business

David encouraged everyone to change their voter registration to either Tunkhannock or Lemon.  John Tidball will have registration forms.

David reviewed the Act 537 information that was available at the meeting.  He pointed out that the line on the west side of the lake would be between the houses and the lake instead of on the road.  The maps show that the soils on the west side of the lake where the sewer lines will run are mostly suitable for on-site septics

Ginny Tinner shared several boating safety concerns.  She mentioned that at least five boats were on the lake with no lights after sundown.  There was one that was speeding for at least a half hour till 9:11 before turning on lights.  Sundown was 8:29.  There are also many boats that travel too close to the docks with a wake.  Paul Brown said that Officer Codin was the contact person for Wyoming County Fish and Boat Commission.  Also, Art Loncosky, who lives on the lake, is a deputy.  It was hoped that people would make phone calls to make them aware of these safety issues.

John Fasset made a motion to adjourn.  Art Orlosky seconded it.  The meeting adjourned at 12:10.

Respectfully submitted,

Ginny Tinner

Lake Carey Welfare Association, P O Box 637, Tunkhannock, PA 18657