Major Dam Repairs and Funds Needed!


While there are many of opinions around the lake on whether the LCWA should do this or that, there is one thing that everybody agrees on and that’s the priority of maintenance of the dam.   Its what makes us a lake, a community and its why we live here.

DEP has ordered the association to make major repairs to stop the leaks and be prepared to prevent overflow of the earthen sides of the dam in the event of a major flood.   If water were to overflow the earthen areas the erosion of that event could conceivably wash out a major portion of the dam, permanently lowering the level until it is repaired at major expense along with the liability of  damage downstream.

Our engineer at the lake, Dr. Givler has given us some preliminary estimates in the 70 – 90 thousand dollar range.

Its a lot of money but it is doable if we all pitch in!     We have 385 households at the lake so the fundraising should not be overwhelming.   For instance if every household gave $200  it might be covered (at the current, early estimate).   The LCWA has a dedicated fund just for this purpose and its seeded with $20,000.00.

We have a few volunteers and Paul Marshall from Indian Spring is our first.

Please plan to attend the July and August meetings  to join Paul.   We need idea people and foot soldiers – from all the neighborhoods.



Lake Carey Welfare Association, P O Box 637, Tunkhannock, PA 18657